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Smart Home Demos
These are some of the demos that has been developed in the Smart Home Lab.

Smart Medicine -The Smart Medicine demo helps managing the medicine management of resident of the Smart Home. There are three modules: the Doctor, the Pharmacy and the Smart Home. At the Doctor’s module the doctor enters the prescription detials. At the pharmacy module the prescription information is received, and the pharmacist prepares an RFID enabled container and makes the data available to the Smart Home. The Smart Home module downloads the data from the pharmacy, checks for conflicts, stores it in a database providing data to other subsystems.

Smart Fridge- The Smart Fridge Demo help tracking the food items in the Smart Home and see when to reorder an item, keep track of the current weight and when the item has been checked-in or checked-out

Three-Button Interface- Easy to use user interface that consists of only three buttons which the user navigates to perform different functions.

Lights Control- Using light sensors appliances are turned on/off according to the person's preferences.
We can use Android phone to control the light, wherever you are in the house.
At night, you even can turn on/off the lamp with a finger snap or utter a word. In this way, you need not find where is the switch of the lamp in dark.

TV Control- Using the computer to control different appliances. This helps reducing the number of remote controls.

Smart Radio- The radio can be turned on/off wireless via a Android phone.

Smart Microwave- Control the microwave using the computer and automatically set the appropriate time and give reminders.

Welcome Bundle- A friendly message spoken by the computer when you get into the smart home lab

Tech Demo Videos

A few short videos designed to quickly orient people new to the smart home lab. Click here for the videos.

Smart Home Demos Under Development
These are some of the projects that are currently under development or are in future plans.

Smart Door - Gain access to the smart house without the need of key. This Smart Door also should have the capability of receiving commands to open/close the door from the resident of the house. The Smart Door should provide a secure locking mechanism and when granting access to the Smart House only authorized person should receive it. Smart Door also should make sure that the person will not get hurt while opening the door and that in case of a power failure the door can be operated manually with the same security features.

Smart Bed - To monitor the resident sleep habits and make sure that no accident occurs during the night like the resident falling from the bed.

Smart Bathroom - Assist the resident of the house when going to the bathroom with the automation of some components to make it easier to use.

Smart Blinds - To operate the blinds, open and close them automatically based on the resident preferences or commands.

It has an automatic module which depends on the brightness, humility and temperature in a room.

It can be under wireless control on mobile device (Android system).

Purpose: Especially useful for certain disabled, elderly people. We can control the blinds anywhere in a house, even lying in the bed.

Special Devices Used
To browse some of the devices we are using in the lab, click here .

Smart Door - Gain access to the smart house without the need of key. This Smart Door also